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Founded as an independent joint venture between HUMANA and NORDMILCH we are a proud member of DMK Industry, the ingredient business of DMK Group. wheyco represents the whey ingredients part of DMK Industry and turns fresh cheese whey into premium ingredients for the food industry and for the use in animal nutrition.

Creating value - for customers and their consumers

wheyco produces high value whey derivatives addressing the functionality, quality and nutritional needs of our customers. With our products we aim at contributing for impact to good future nutrition.

wheyco Netherlands V.O.F.

On September 1st the official name change to
wheyco Netherlands V.O.F. took place and visibly sealed the integration of DVN into wheyco and DMK Group’s business unit Industry.

This makes wheyco one of the largest manufacturers of whey derivatives globally.


DMK has been systematically introducing more sustainability into the dairy industry with the DMK 2020 Strategy and the Milkmaster Program.


Quality is the attribute that condenses our strive for excellence in every aspect. From sourcing to final product, in service and processes.


We are the experts in whey, from sourcing of our raw material to the application of our ingredients by our customers, resulting in end products that satisfy consumers.

Loyalty Responsibility Trust Reliability

Since the first days of wheyco, the company follows a consistent philosophy set out by its management. The fair, reliable and responsible business approach has always characterised wheyco. We do see customers as partners, so our cooperation is correspondingly close and cooperative.

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Our Products




We manufacture premium whey ingredients with different profiles for the use in various food categories and nutritional applications.

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Infant Nutrition

wheyco produces high quality ingredients for the nutrition of the youngest and most sensitive consumers that deserve the highest attention and greatest care. We apply the same attention and care to our products ensuring everything that we can do for the well-being of infants and young children.


Healthy Indulgence

wheyco believes in bridging the discrepancy in consumers' minds between healthy and indulgent food. Our ingredients have excellent taste, functionality and nutritional value enabling our customers to create products that meet the highest demands in both sensory and healthy nutrition.


Fitness Nutrition

wheyco ingredients combine whey's best properties for performance nutrition with great sensory. Our products provide a high content of branched-chain amino acids, fast absorption, and superior protein quality.


Senior Nutrition

wheyco helps you to address the specific nutritional needs of seniors who intend to age with a quality of life as high as possible. The nutritional benefits of whey strongly contribute to achieving this target and are complemented by excellent quality and taste.


Medical Nutrition

wheyco ingredients fulfil key functional and nutritional requirements for medical nutrition enabling the development of innovative products for malnourished people and those with specific dietary needs.

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    Employees ensure the highest quality at wheyco

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