Confectionary is a synonym for indulgence, pleasure and giving yourself a treat. Lately healthier options and out of the box ideas like crossovers with bakery or ice-cream increase the choice of offerings.

wheyco product solutions help you addressing critical questions arising around confectionary applications.

Convert a treat into a healthy pleasure

Make your products more healthy without compromising over the pleasure of eating – this is a key target for many. Surveys reveal that many consumers would be interested in protein enriched options if taste and texture stayed the same.

wheyco product solutions are based on high quality protein enabling you to improve the nutritional value of your products. They have versatile functionalities and a bland flavor that address your technological and sensory requirements. 

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wheyco offers products with various functionalities. These can be customized for specific applications. The product portfolio includes whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate and permeate lactose.

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Whey is our expertise from raw material to final application. We are familiar with each and every step which enables us to offer professional service, product quality and assistance in application.

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Our application technologists are happy to support you in finding a way to overcome your individual product challenges.
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