Convenience foods make our life easier and we are used to buying many products off the shelf that our grandmothers still used to prepare themselves. Still, consumers expect clean labels, naturalness and good nutrition while excellent stability and pleasant look, texture and sensory need to be maintained.
wheyco product solutions with their versatile functionality help you meeting these expectations. 

Cleaning up the ingredients list of mayonnaise, dressings and sauces

wheyco product solutions have a lot to offer to this food group. Creating egg-free mayonnaise is easy as we have product solutions in our range with excellent emulsifying properties. Our products also add viscosity when needed and improve mouthfeel and creaminess in dips and sauces. They are stable at low pH, another important feature for this product group.

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wheyco offers products with various functionalities. These can be customized for specific applications. The product portfolio includes whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate and permeate lactose.

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Whey is our expertise from raw material to final application. We are familiar with each and every step which enables us to offer professional service, product quality and assistance in application.

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Our application technologists are happy to support you in finding a way to overcome your individual product challenges.
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