Healthy Indulgence

Many consumers associate healthy food with lack of pleasure and limitation. At wheyco we actively work on solutions that make healthy products a treat rather than a pain to eat. 
Our wheyco product solutions address protein enrichment, salt reduction and balancing sweetness

Make protein your most important nutrient

A healthy lifestyle is what many people are looking for. Being active and consuming a diet with the right balance of carbohydrates, fat and protein is key to achieving this goal. Amongst macronutrients there is an increasing focus on protein consumption to optimize diet in different stages of life and that way improve health. 

Research shows that most people from their thirties onwards will benefit from a higher intake of protein of the right dietary quality. The international protein Board IBP recently published new recommendations on protein intake per day.  
Many people find it difficult to incorporate sufficient protein into their daily diet. Moderate protein enrichment throughout many different foods can be a healthy option without sacrificing taste and texture. wheyco product solutions provide the optimum features to achieve this.

Nutrition Advice

Our nutritionists will support you in optimizing the nutritional composition of your product.
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