Medical Nutrition

Medical nutrition helps patients of all ages to address nutritional deficiencies caused by disease or other medical conditions when the requirements cannot be met by a normal diet. It therefore covers a wide range of food products from nutritional supplements for malnourished people to specific offerings for patients recovering from severe illness or surgery.

The role of whey protein in medical nutrition

wheyco product solutions are ideal for the use in medical nutrition specifically in low pH liquid applications, instant products formats or bars. Conscientious quality control, lowest contaminant levels and a choice of different functionalities are key attributes they deliver on top of the natural benefits of whey protein.

Traditionally the majority of medical enteral offerings was based on RTD, neutral pH, long-shelf life products. However, with development of new product formats and the rising awareness of its nutritional quality whey protein lately got into focus. The benefits of whey protein on muscle synthesis through its high content in branched chain amino acids, specifically leucine and its easy digestibility play out in medical nutrition as well as in other areas. Besides this, several studies indicated potential positive effects of whey protein in the management of certain health problems, e.g. diabetes type II, and further increase the interest in whey protein as a protein source in medical nutrition applications.

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