Our Whey

Sourcing exclusively as per wheyco quality standards

We receive raw material from shareholder cheese factories and always according to our wheyco specification, thus traceability is excellent. The whey is derived from Gouda and Edamer cheese whey which contributes to our constant quality.

The whey processed at our plants in Altentreptow and Hoogeveen is mainly supplied directly from the adjacent cheese factories and therefore as fresh as it can be. For additional whey, facilities at close proximity are tapped at first to ensure best quality. The whey delivered is reduced in its liquid mass beforehand to minimize the CO2 footprint. 

Our products – customized whey derived perfection

wheyco offers high quality products with various functionalities fulfilling a wide spread number of needs. In addition it is possible to customize them for specific applications. Have a look at our product groups and their key functionalities and get in touch with us if you like to know more.

whey protein concentrate

whey protein isolate



Browning enhancement Gelling Emulsifying Foaming Flavor improvement Egg replacement Acid stability Dispersibility Texture management Protein quality Salt reduction free flowing clean sweetness






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