Being dairy experts wheyco supports you in coming up with perfect dairy products meeting your requirements. Cultured dairy products like yoghurt and dairy drinks are key to a healthy diet. High protein content , full mouthfeel and syneresis control are some of the challenges that our ingredients address.

Great texture and clean label

While dairy products often are taken as a synonym for purity and simplicity they are complex systems and clean label can be a challenge. wheyco product solutions allow you to reliably achieve the desired viscosity in your product without the use of additives. 
In yoghurt our wheyco product solutions are superior for control of syneresis and help to create a creamy texture. 

Dairy Products

wheyco offers products with various functionalities. These can be customized for specific applications. The product portfolio includes whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate and permeate lactose.

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Whey is our expertise from raw material to final application. We are familiar with each and every step which enables us to offer professional service, product quality and assistance in application.

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Application support

Our application technologists are happy to support you in finding a way to overcome your individual product challenges.
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